Solar Time
Sundial with solar panels and text on a display, 2022.

When the sun is shining, the sundial indicates the solar time. The adjacent solar panels feed an LCD text display. The text on the display poetically compares solar time with clock time, and makes references to the era of Solar.


Ecological imagination
Torrance test (print), handwriting, 2021.




Black marble, mid century mechanics, mantra (sketch), 2020.






How do you read
Video, 8:29, 2020.

"How do you read" poetically evokes the spirit of bunker "Five Victor Echo Charlie" (5VEP ) located in Arnhem, NL. During the Cold War 5VEP functioned as a booster station to control the pressure on a secret network of fuel pipelines spanning from North Sea coastline well into Germany. The work does not set out to narrate 5VEP's history, but addresses the ways in which this history is 'undead': the slow violence of its carcinogenic toxins and fossil fuels.


The Pingjum Pre-enactment Project
Concept for a community art project, 2017-2019

This project was initiated by residents from the Marneslenk villages on the Wadden Sea coast. It takes place on the location of a monastery that dissappeared during a Medieval flood. Aided by costumes and props the Pre-enactment will depict an event from the life of a hypothetical future community. Which reactions can we imagine to the changes that will occur under the pressure of climate change, and how do we shape these imaginations?



Positive Disintegration Meditation
Hut covered with earth and grass, solar panel, wind turbine, leds, audio, plexiglass, 2016.

Kampsheide is a nature reserve - home to prehistoric burial mounds and a dolmen - for which Sharon Houkema developed a temporary burial mound. Inside the mound the audience could listen to a guided meditation which calls for Positive Disintegration as a way of psychologically entering the 'Anthropocene'. More info >

Photo: Harry Cock



Playing the Bucky Card
digitally manipulated installation shots of miniature exhibition, 2015

"Playing the Bucky Card" takes the 6,6m3 exhibition space of Probe and the fact that it is a model as a point of departure. Within the confines of the exhibition space Houkema recreated a slice of earth which - topped with special effects, climate change references and peace symbols - forms an ambiguous model that acknowledges both its potential and limitations in sparking change in the world. Read more >

Horizontal Façade
text signs in palace garden, 2015

The narrative is constructed around the park's "Keep off the grass" signs and describes the historical aristocratic origins of the lawn as architectural format.
Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij

The Library
installation/library, 2014

The library accompanied an exhibition project Houkema organized on recreation landscapes and functioned as a place for reading and lecture. The books and clippings were displayed in relating order on criss lying trunks, where visitors could also seat themselves on. As a reminder of where to replace the books title keywords were carved into the trunks.Read more here

Towards a more natural forest
book / xylotheque, original title 'Op weg naar een natuurlijker bos', 2011-2014

"We lopen met een groepje mensen in recreatiegebied 'De Dennen'. Het beheer in dit gebied is gericht op het doen ontstaan van een zo natuurlijk mogelijk bos. Om het proces van verval en verjonging in de gesloten bospercelen op gang te brengen helpt Staatsbosbeheer hier en daar een handje door kleine plekken open te zagen." (Excerpt)

The Artificially Intelligent Art Project
interactive evolving script, 2014

The project describes the development of an artificially intelligent artwork which learns to speak for itself through speaking with its audience. It has no fixed form other than that it is language based, from the way it is written in software up to the way it appears to the audience.
Why tidy my exhibition space when the whole world is in a mess?
Installation with 'green' objects, varying dimensions, 2013
The 80’s Greenpeace slogan of which the title is an adaptation brings into mind a child questioning the parent on why it should obey cleaning rules when grownups fail to take their responsibility in the world. The idea is that example is better than precept. Environmental responsibility has been placed mainly in the hands of the individual consumer, opposed to being organised politically. The installation deals with the complexities of exemplary green consumerism.
Photo: David Brandt

An Artist is Everyone
text, online, 2012

Constructed solely from quotes found online, each containing the word 'artist', this text reflects on the artist's role, as well as on authorship. Read here

Pioneer 1-3
(What the white had to say)

Video, video installation, collage, 2012-2013
Through the motions of actors we can distinguish white shapes in an all white space. The white space is constructed in part with stock footage ‘copy spaces’ - empty spaces intended to hold a message. Without any messages, we may explore what the white has to say.

Anthropocene machine
Installation, variable size, (night version), 2012


The making of Sand
video-installation, 2011
An abstract, moving painting is created through real-time video-registration of a wet road at night.

Untitled (5)
Photograph, 25 x 17 cm, 2010

Untitled (monochrome)
text print, 29,7 x 21 cm, 2010

'I am standing in the middle of a vast landscape. I tell you I am 'in the middle', to give you an idea, a picture in your mind. But the truth is, I have no idea, if where I'm standing, is the middle. There is nothing for my eyes to hold on to, nothing to determine position, nothing to determine scale. I am surrounded by endless white, not black: white. White as far as I can see, an unhindered, unbroken white.'

The eye of the storm
video-installation, 2009
A line of 34 simultaneously playing clips is projected on all walls of a space. Each clip is a loop with a duration of 53 seconds, taken from a road movie. Upon entering the viewer is surrounded by cacophony, but after more careful attention its internal logic will unfold. As soon as this happens, the same clips are viewed in an entirely different way.
Photo: Willem Vermaase

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